Superstar Character Academy

10:00 AM & 11:30 AM10
November 29, 2023

The Superstar Character Academy is an interactive show where students learn about having good character, becoming leaders, being honest, respecting adults, and fairness.
Partially inspired by the book “7 Habits of Happy Kids: The Leader in Me” by Sean Covey, The Superstar Character Academy teaches students that they can become a superstar if they have good character, study hard, stay in school and treat others with respect.

It is a really fun program that keeps students engaged so they learn while they laugh. It’s a multimedia presentation that uses audience participation; comedy, videos, slideshows and music, to create a multi-sensory experience that students will remember long after it is over. We are truly passionate about the fact that The Superstar Character Academy will prepare students to become the future leaders and superstars of tomorrow.

SHOW TIMES:  10AM  & 11:30AM


Performance is presented at the College of Staten Island 2800 Victory Blvd Staten Island NY 10314