Harriet Tubman and The Underground Railroad

10:00 AM & 11:30 AM10
March 11, 2024

This drama with music features the life of Harriet Tubman as told by Sarah Bradford, a woman persuading a publisher to print her book, Scenes from the Life of Harriet Tubman. The story begins with young Harriet’s early life as a slave. Soon Harriet decides she wants to be a free woman and risks her life to go North. She is later persuaded to go South , as a conductor on the Underground Railroad, assisting other slaves to find their way to freedom. At the start of the Civil War, Harriet became a spy for the Union Army, and later a nurse and a scout.

Eventually the North wins the war. Ending the war does not end Harriet’s struggles for freedom. These struggles continued – not only for herself – but also for everyone who suffers inequality.

This stirring drama with music is a classic tribute to the great American who freed herself and hundreds of people from the bonds of slavery. Share her adventurous life with your students!

Curriculum Connections: History, Language Arts, Women in History, Reading, Visual Arts

Show Times 10am & 11:30am

Presented at The College of Staten Island 2800 Victory Blvd Staten Island NY 10314